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Would you like to introduce your products in the Italian market?

Are you searching qualified people who know the market well and you don’t know how to make it?

We have the solution for you!


is the meeting point for the companies or the producers of the Europe/Extra-Europe area

who want to operate or to sell in the Italian market


Who we are

a team of people with twenty years of experience in laboratory instrumentation

Where we work

In Italy, in the more important regions where there is a great concentration of chemical, pharmaceutical, alimentary and cosmetic industries; in analysis and research laboratories and in the main Italian universities, in the oenological field and much more

In what we deal

  • scientific instrumentation
  • laboratory instrumentation
  • consumables for laboratory, byotech
  • analytical instruments

and all that is necessary for laboratory, research and analysis

How we work/act

In resale or agency

Would You like to seize the business? Contact us

Labosinergie S.a.s. di Passoni Giorgio & C. - Viale Brianza, 36 - 20047 Brugherio (MI)
Tel.: +39 039/2878074 - Fax: +39 0362/1841303 - P.Iva 04234590968

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